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The concept of Olympus's design was to create an environmentally safe, super-efficient and reliable solar water heater that is durable and easy to install. Every technical characteristic of Olympus SWH is superior to any other product in the international market. The Olympus SWH are manufactured in compliance with the International Standards for Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2000, and tested according to EN 12976-2:2006 standards for the reliability, safety and thermal performance of the thermal solar systems. The collectors have been tested according to the standard 12975-2 and certified with solar Keymark.   

All our solar water heater systems are also registered and approved by the Malta Resources Authority. Olympus solar water heaters are top-of-the-range, latest technology and designed specifically for the Mediterranean Climate.

The system assembles on a flat roof with absolute protection against atmospheric conditions and maximum durability. The specially designed robust fully galvanized-throughout support frame will resist any weather conditions, holds the double insulated, double storage stainless steel, enamel and glass-lined tank, tested 30Bar. This resistance to high pressure makes Olympus more resistant to corrosion than any other solar energy system in the international market.

Olympus solar water heaters also have an absolute precision thermostatic 2.0Kw economic electric booster and pure magnesium anode for electrolysis protection, against any corrosive water. Additional protection is the internal double "duroglass" coating treated at 8400C. The large area where heat is exchanged makes it the quickest solar water heater on the market. At the same time this also protects the product from rusting, scaling and freezing. Whether operating in very hot climates, extremely cold areas with temperatures below zero or even with poor quality water that contains an abundance of minerals (iron, calcium, etc), it will be just as efficient and reliable.

The Climasol solar collector is the most efficient absorber currently available having Titanium Blue Selective coating with a very high absorption rate of 95% and a very low emissivity of less than 5%, producing 30% more heat than other non-selective absorbers. The rockwool insulation on the back of the collector will maintain very high temperatures, which along with the other technical characteristics, achieves by far the highest efficiency of any other system on the market. The glasswool at the sides of the collector will maintain very high temperature in the collector achieving very high system efficiency. A special EPDM rubber profile fixes the glass in its place and ensures 100% water and vapour sealing. Special vent-holes prevent vapour formation within the collector.

The absorber is made of high grade copper piping and fins welded on vertical pipes, housed within a freon-free, double insulated special extruded aluminium snap-on frame without screws, to avoid rain seepage and rust, protected by solar tempered glass 100% watertight and internally ventilated to avoid condensation.

"Heliothermic Liquid" developed by 'SOLE' achieves maximum transfer of heat to the water in the boiler and at the same time protects the collector from scaling, rusting, freezing and overheating. It is fed via the insulated copper tubing to the double-tank, operating by the Indirect Closed Loop Thermosyphonic Principle, for longer life of operation and for retaining heat during the night and very cloudy days. These systems may be simply connected to your existing system or to a new piping network system.- For more information call on 77167167 or 27167167

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